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A complete set of digital services.

Customer Experience. Marketing Strategy. Sales CRM. More Leads.

Easy onboarding. All done for you. Affordable.

Easy onboarding.
All done for you. Affordable.

Boost your sales. Even if you don’t sell online.

All businesses finally have access to the same tools the big guys do.

You know all those cool things big companies can do? Those nice little tricks that always catched your attention, but you were never able to use on your own business?
Well, now you can! Drop dead gorgeous website, conversational forms, Sales CRM, customer experience, behavioural analysis, marketing automation, live chat, chat robots.
It’s simple,  it’s all done for you and its affordable.
Take the pain away. Focus on your business and let our team handle all your digital needs so you get the exposure, engagement and convertions you deserve. Be SMARK.

WordPress Website

As part of our onboarding process we will create and deploy a shiny new website for your company, integrated with our stack.

Amazing Apps

SMARK brings you an unrivaled stack of apps. Each one of our partners is the industry reference on the technology they offer. 

Real Results

When you put together the best technologies available with no compromise in quality, the outcome is predictable: SUCCESS.

Digital Stack

A fully serviced stack with seamless integration and automation that delivers real results, not just a bunch of apps and a dashboard. 

Complete Digital Stack

Get Everything You Need in One Place

Our stack brings unparalled integration and automation so you can make the most out of your digital marketing, even if you are a local business and you don’t sell online.
We don’t expect you to become a computer geek to use all of these apps. SMARK is fully serviced. We actually handle everything for you, from your website/e-commerce creation to your marketing automation and campaigns. A one stop shop for your business success.

Imagine if …

… you would never have to pay for a new website ever again.
… you never had to worry about hosting and updates anymore.
… you could track and personalize marketing content for anyone visiting your site.
… you could afford all the cool tools big companies use.
… you had pro team turning your ideas into reality.
… you never had to learn new tech and could focus on your business.
… you could multiply your leads with little effort.
… you had a dream system that’s fully automated.

Results. Results. Results.

Real People. Real Work. Real Results.

We love numbers and statistics and we are driven by results. If you also love numbers and stats you will be delighted, but even if you don’t, you’re still going to love the results.

Automate the entire customer journey. Your customers want to hear from you. Speak to them on every channel.

by AutoPilot HQ

Make your salespeople unstoppable. A sales CRM built for minimum input and maximum output.

by Pipedrive

Conversational Forms. A friendly experience that invites more answers. Get to know your audience, one person at a time.

by Typeform

Engage your customers in a new and proactive way. Integrate conversations into an omnichannel.

by LiveChat

“I got my new site up and running in a couple of days!”

Just a couple of days after I signed up to SMARK their team deployed my new site, which looks fantastic, and they’ve also imported all the content from my old site. Amazing!

“I Tripled the size of my email lists!”

These guys are amazing. With all their hard work, they nice tools and the clever automations, we tripled our lead aquisition. Couldn’t be happier.

“We’ve never seen so many customers”

All of a sudden people are finding us. People are walking in all the time. I still don’t understand how that works, but it just does.

Smarkably Different

Many platforms out there will give you a fancy and complex dashboard with a million functions and a steep learning curve, but that’s not really what you’re looking for, is it?

SMARK is different. We have a team of talented professionals doing all the hard work for you. Instead of a dashboard, you get the actual job done, and a set of beautiful, meaningful reports, periodically sent to you, so you can quickly and easily access your performance.


Choose A Plan That Works For You

You can choose one of our packages below or you can take our interactive quote and we will help you figure out the best possible combination so you get all the tools you need for the less amount of money.

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